Fleet Management

Helping Deliver Optimum Efficiency and Productivity

Every business wants to be successful and for fleet managers of materials handling equipment that means ensuring every truck and operator is utilized fully, delivering optimum efficiency and productivity.

Linde fleet management is a unique system designed to monitor the performance of every mobile unit in your fleet, providing you with regular reports that can be accessed remotely either by phone or online, regardless of location.

The system provides detailed reports on the utilization of each truck, as well as helping you identify housekeeping problems, maintenance issues, or logging issues such as downtime, accidents, location-tracking or underperformance.

This eliminates the need for assumption-based decision-making, and enables rapid and effective remedial action, based on solid information, to be implemented at scale anywhere across your fleet.

The system also incorporates data logger, a log-on keyboard that replaces the need for a conventional key switch on the truck. Logging-on using a PIN allows individual operators and trucks to be monitored throughout the duration of each shift.

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